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Stephen Akawu
Saturday 13 June 2020

Fleeting Anguish

Why will you keep me distant away from my pleasures?

Did I tell you I have no quantity to measure, 

at my own expense?

Day and night my feet cracks for penny

My bone grows weary 

You turn my toiling effortless

You kiss my motherland with your trouble

You control my effort by your grieving fingers of death

will you continue to grow in popularity?

 will you still  continue to keep your secret hiding?

Will you continue to keep me in suspense? 

Why not hide your face from me?

Why not hide your nakedness that is already open?

always remember this,

 that with all your atrocities the stars are with me 

My breath  will not be sway by your burning anger 

Even if I fall, I pray to rise someday.

Poet: Stephen A. Akawu


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