Al Hassan Yunus

Biography: I lived in reality world... In which poems serve as foods... I love my spoon { Halal Pen}

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Al Hassan Yunus
Monday 10 July 2023

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Lo! Lo! Over the moon I soliloquize, 

Giving up for the misfortunes of future—

Haying on top of the sun,

To mettle this lonely unprotected organ.

I'm a professional product of devastation,

I soliloquize of how to exo out of the agony—

Yet! I'm still embedded in it,

Whereas, this wasn't the life I craved for.

Why is that I'm only indulge in loneliness?

Why is it that I lose thing easily with full consideration?

Isn't he still up there to swipe off my tears?

Why everything assumed to overwhelmed me?

This isn't my lane of sailing through;

Whereas, maybe I'll have that in my soul to come.


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