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Tuesday 13 December 2022

Letter to FIFA

Letter to FIFA

From the 19th century till date

I have come to a conclusion that there is only one unifier

An art work that employed millions of people

The greatest dream of my life

Until we find ourselves in the pitch

That is when you will understand how talented I am

An art work that unites the world

An art work that promote peace

An art work that gives hope

I once heard in my country Nigeria

That we are one Nigeria

I begin to look for what makes us one

Despite different background in culture and tradition

I discovered how passionate people are ready to die for you

Who invented this art?

Some say is from Soccer's ancient origins

And it started in Europe, I smile

But I don’t believe them

I believe you are already in existence

May you reign forever in our heart?

May your kingdom forever be passing down to our unborn generations?

Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Maradona, pele and other legend did it

May the scarified of those that cherish you never be in vain?

China is scarifying a lot for your sake

Africans say the love you

Europe says you are their business

Which planet did you come from?

What kind of natural love did I have for you?

Or can I make it clear

I love you; I am in love with you

Did you know that people cry for your sake?

Oh I witness these tears of joy

Those that wish you must exercise patient

They must be determined to find you

What kind of principle did you adopt?

Since all my life, no one hates you

Even in the days of Jesus Christ

Some love him while some hate him

But no one hates you

Are you greater than God?

Who are you?

All the religions of the world love you

Is it Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Druze, Confucianism, Bahá'í, Agnosticism, Shinto, Judaism etcetera

I have never seen this kind of grace

Kind you be my best lover forever

This is my letter to you

May your grace found me?

For the first time in the world, the world comes together for your sake

They share a common understanding for your sake

They share tears for your sake

They share joy for your sake

One thing about you

Is that you don’t break or disobey people culture

Who are you?

You don’t discriminate peoples colour

No wonder people love

We don’t care about the injury

We keep playing you until we are weak

We keep seeking you until we are no more in this world

Don’t be offended if I call you the peace maker

Don’t be offended if I call you the love of the whole world

Don’t be offended if I call you the hope of the whole world

Don’t be offended if I call you the joy of the whole world

Don’t be offended if I call you the religion of the whole world

I believe in you

I think you are God, but people don’t understand

But they said it sometimes

The call you the God of soccer

China call you Chinese tradition

I call you God of religion

Keep on unifying us

We have found peace in you

Even in my country, where hardship dwells

We can never abandon you

We will continue to pay you home tribute

We will continue to respect you

God of soccer that did it to all the footballers out there

Will one day remember me?

This is my appeal to you my lord

This is my letter to FIFA

This is my letter to Africans

This is my letter to the whole world

May you reign till thy kingdom come, Amen?




























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