Timilehin Adewinmisi

Biography: Adewinmisi Oluwatimilehin Samuel as Nigerian poet, playwright, dramatist, songwriter and art educator.He's passion for poetry has bought him recognition for his outstanding performance in poetry in Africa continent.He's a secondary school teacher, unveiling the works of Cultural and Creative Arts.

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Timilehin Adewinmisi
Friday 25 November 2022



She has head no cap...
she struggle but never die.

She has head no cap...
She haven't tasted goodies in life

Yet survive the tough time...
like say kaki no bi leather.

She never mind if garri dey house!
she never mind if sugar reach dine.

what money can buy, she couldn't buy!
what eye see,she kept not to pass

As she was groomed ahead of time,
a cloudy sky wave her sorrow..bye!


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