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Olukemi Omoyeni
Friday 31 March 2023


I crossed the hills,

With its green misty algae,

Sticking to my naked feet.

I am on the other side of these hills,

5 The other side I was desperate to see,

The other side I once watched in despair,

The land of the unknown with many woes.

This plateau, this very plateau,

A plain level ground on the surface

10 Covered with all shimmering shenanigans.

For what shall be said of the underneath,

Beneath this seeming plateau,

Lies a bundle of lies.

It beckoned that the land here,

15 Is as gully as the motherland,

Where there are no lies.

If the wind has ceases to blow,

In the motherland you will know,

As nobody will avail with a fan.

20 In the motherland, no lies told.

I crossed the hills,

Stamping my foot on the shimmering coverings,

Coverings that gave the land as a plateau.


25 It is a hill and gully ride

I was standing on a dangerous gully

Covered with beauty

I almost fell to my death

The death of all there is to me,

30 My dreams.

A scruffy fall of being on the streets,

Homeless for hours,

I died for an hour, then sickly for another

All the succulence I fed on.

35 Then I know,

Until danger is near, seen,

You will not see how slurpy these steeps are.


I gained a home on this new other side,

Against all seemingly insurmountable trials.

40 I gained,

I gained in this hills and gullies of a ride.

But what not?

I learnt,

To bury myself in between the arms of every moment,

45 In warmth and hugs,

For the day they will almost be lost,

You then know, how pertinent!

An augury of homelessness,

I saw the awfulness of living on the streets.

50 The tiniest things are the most unquantifiable,

The real gateway to real life,

Adore these moments,

Because time only respect actions,

In this vague cold world.


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