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Abdulhazeem Popoola
Wednesday 5 May 2021


Full of conceived aspiration

Full of positive multiplication

Of a multiple blessed replication

Rich in my Inspiration. 

The Life I want

Full of gigantic actualizations

Of Imaginations,

With a blissful fairness combination.

The life I want

Free from forced of frustration

Leaving out my flaws

From clawing my soul.

The life I want

Free from the dereliction of love,

In isolation of incapacitated false freedom of love

Full of compassion of a dove.

The life I want

Productive like the loam of my farm

Flourishing like the greatness of the most high

Free from worldly impure perfections.

The life I want

Echoeing life into life of lads and lasses

Jeopardising Judas feeling with just my mouth

And free heart from dance that can put him on the ground.

The life I want

Filled of gladness of existence

Incorporated with a purposeful feeling of actualization

Is the life I want


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