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Opeyemi Adisa
Saturday 14 November 2020


I am a soldier of my fatherland

An undefeated warrior

The blades of my sword are like the magic wand

Men fall by its touch of horror

Kuti is our family name

We are the warriors of fame

Never have we Lost a war

Even the sword havent recorded our flaw

Admist laughter I received the news

Women have challenged our village

They know nothing about the fields

Yet war is what they sent as a message

Inexperienced mothers in the kitchen

Storming to war against warlords

Knives will I use to slaughter them like chickens

As they are not worthy of swords

My brothers have fallen by my side

Our warriors have lost their pride

Dead bodies of my fellow comrades

Lying out in the open field

Bruises and cuts from the warfront

My body no longer listens to my command

The land slowly dragging me down like quicksand

As my body slowly yields to the voice of my boots


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