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John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

If I Die Tonight

When I die tonight 

Tell the poet writer 

To write thus 

He was born on a market day 

Where hearts were sold cheap 

Mended and broken hearts 

They harms not looking back

But he never holds a secret to himself 

Write on the 4 equal arm cross 

That a poetry once deciphered 

Reads like this 

Up here, our post could be for a heart 

But it could be read by many who know not 

Why it was written thereof 

Tell the poet that the children 

Born to the hands of circumstances 

Who believed in miracles of life 

Are daily stripped naked of such hope 

Leaving them wounded in the cold 

The poet writer must equally be told 

That he lived loving others and never been loved 

That he sees no flaws in any but he is seen as evil 

He was a lonely dweller in the Island of pains 

Running away from love but he was drawn in it 

Inscribe at his head side of the casket 

The joy of his people and sorrow of himself 


© John Chinaka Onyeche 


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