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John Chinaka Onyeche
Friday 21 August 2020


On this windows 

Of the widow's  

Shades of willows 

We watched winds 

Dancing in its whine 

Hopes lost is rewind 

And it tells of another 

Wand of peace 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Friday 7 August 2020

Take me to the altar

 Take me to the altar tonight 

The guided vaults can't stop us
Re-echoe those heart blowing
Words of yours that engulfed me
Like fireworks shining bright in the sky
That I am better than thousand
The numbers that sets me up

Take me to the altar tonight 

Re-echoe those heart blowing
Lyrics of paradise lost and regained
Within our hearts love is reawakened
With those eyes plugged deep
Down underneath this earthen cloak
See to it that you hurt me not

Take me to the altar tonight
Retold me about the tales of
Roses at the shore of river Nile
The roses that witness the first
Civilization of the world at large
Speak to me tonight or never
Days wasted in nothing is dangerous
My heart beats for you my darling

Take me to the altar tonight
Reassured me that my love is fire like
Garnished with laughter and joy
Happiness to be together forever
Don't wait for another day to come
Tonight is the night Daddy
Take me to the altar and make love to me
We shall give birth to holy things

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Tuesday 4 August 2020

And we danced not again

At every beat of the gong 

The ekere and oja na ebe
The udu gave the music base
At every heat on the wooden uhe
The villagers gathered in joy
Everyone bent down and danced

But there comes a sudden sound
Not familiar to our ears and dwellings
It pairs the thinning air of the music
Low the villagers halt the beating
Weapons vomiting fire and smoke

And we are now slaves with
Everyday agonies and hopes lost
Never to return to our home
The gods in their fire vomiting weapons
Captured us in our own homes
And we danced not again  


John Chinaka Onyeche
Friday 31 July 2020

Our Plea

Be the crime that should be abets 

And I will be the accomplice 

Be the case that should be tried 

And I will be the jury to defend it 

Our love shall be the judge of the trial 

Love on this jurisdiction we vowed 

We defend it today against hatred 

Let me know you like legal maxims 

Aphorism not found by many 

The words that shows prowess 

Like the black law dictionary 

To be able to converse well 

Before my lord at the Honorable 

Gathering of the luminaries 

Let's build foundries and havens 

To melt down all the trouble and hide 

In like metal form stood on the road 

Our love that had stand out many trials 

Liquid metals remolded into golds 

Standing out till time indefinite 

Let me be your case darling 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Friday 24 July 2020

Sour Libido

Sour Libido

It left me sour
the realities
of the hidden
man within
the abode
of every
single soul
Seated on
the high
city debauchery
Attacks even
In every eyes
Closed for a
Sleep and mess
up sour libidos
You may not
Understand it
But it is a sour
Thing indaboski

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Friday 24 July 2020

The Lad's Cries

The Lad's Cries

I run every nooks and crannies
Looking for you that wasn't found in me
Because I knew that you weren't here
But at the discovery of you I cooled off

I run and climbed every mountain
Houses built by nature free handedly
Seeking like the geologist's plate tectonic
The force behind the growing mountains

I run and erupts like the lavatory
The hot lava that escapes the earth top
And causes the volcanism on the surface
I seek to erupt the inner man from within

I run as fast as I could be with fright
Like a loaded gun that fires without end
Killing all the enemies that approaches
Seeking the advance of the next move

Till knowing becomes my soul within
And wisdom be found on this tapestry
Journey of this thousand miles away
Knowledge at last beckons at the lad's cries

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Thursday 23 July 2020

Take a shot now

Take A Shot Now

We had no memory
I know memories
Are kept in with every
Shots taken by few or
As family members
Groups or little children
Growing up together
Memories are preserved
In every shot nicely taken
Blacks or whites
Coloured or neutral
If there was a shot
Taken from time
Immemorial then memories
Would have been preserved
To the man who never
Takes a shot and to
The woman who missed
A shot taken for memories
Are kept in every single
Shot and forever we are
Reminded of the good old days

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Wednesday 22 July 2020

The State Of African Leaders

The State Of African Leaders 

Permit me into the vicarage tonight 

For there is no pedestals to lay hold on 

Tonight is the night the children envisioned 

Been waiting for their blooms to arrive 

Cause no noxious for these fellows 

Virulent is the government they lives in 

Engendering death upon its governance 

Education and social welfare of its own 

Inept scholars and without shames

Anomaly folks luring and hurling many 

Into a hellish dungeon of flammables 

Give them the unsavoury government 

The states they build not and lives in 

Artificial environment and never rests 

Leaving the future leaders daily in doldrums 

Their swift legs to annihilate, we're prey 

Better off parrying than confrontational 

Daily consternation among the masses 

Tribalistic rabble rousers deceptory 

Rabble rousers who renders his/her 

Fatherland pacifism and laughed at it 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Thursday 16 July 2020

Her Voice On The Phone

Her Voice On The Phone

Please let me be for many are the yearnings of my being tonight again,
For the tomorrow I see not
And the day I found not myself in
From this other side of the world
Because I am in love
And wants to have my crown earlier than waiting
For many years to come and heartbroken it has left me with
To this I'm not fine!
Leave me deep down here in the dungeon
and let water flows it up and
Let me be found in the later days drowned
As one who could not be loved
For a confessed fate and
Death at least ends my heart breaks

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

Buried me not with the great

Buried me not with the great 
Of what use could be of such honor 
The great died for a noble course 
But what is of my death that I died? 
For tolerance of daily heart disease 

The disease that the brave could not die for 
Less it is published anywhere that I lay with them 
I have not been able to attained it yet 
The brave of my life were ruthless to love 
And the gods worshipped them for this acts 

Less it is said that there was love 
Tell them that I was not found in it 
I was daily bruised and poisoned 
Knowing that heart disease kills 
I lived in pills and I was still not pitted 
Tolerate me and I was put to death 

Never ever considerate one who preached 
The sermons of harmfulness daily echoed 
From the holy altar of love in hatred 
The teacher is full of scares 
And daily they tortured their captors 
Leaving them with no hope for to live 

You can't stop now 
The power is not with you 
Break the heart now 
And leave time with it 
But the unborn cries 

© John Chinaka Onyeche  


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

If I Die Tonight

When I die tonight 

Tell the poet writer 

To write thus 

He was born on a market day 

Where hearts were sold cheap 

Mended and broken hearts 

They harms not looking back

But he never holds a secret to himself 

Write on the 4 equal arm cross 

That a poetry once deciphered 

Reads like this 

Up here, our post could be for a heart 

But it could be read by many who know not 

Why it was written thereof 

Tell the poet that the children 

Born to the hands of circumstances 

Who believed in miracles of life 

Are daily stripped naked of such hope 

Leaving them wounded in the cold 

The poet writer must equally be told 

That he lived loving others and never been loved 

That he sees no flaws in any but he is seen as evil 

He was a lonely dweller in the Island of pains 

Running away from love but he was drawn in it 

Inscribe at his head side of the casket 

The joy of his people and sorrow of himself 


© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

Nigeria 🇳🇬


This nation my captor 

A nation without aims 

Amidst every turmoils 

Avaricious folks in power 

Impeders of their own

Ostentatious lavishes 

Inquisitive but short-sighted 

Imitant of treacherousness 

Maintenance is a crime 

Wasters of their endowment 

Builders of disorders

Preachers of old sermons 

Rapacious termites 

Eating her inhabitance 

Recruiting armies of war 

Fighting to defend their owns 

Augers in their economy 

National ignominy 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

My Rose 🌹 Lover

From this bud 

She peered through
For the fear of hurt
She shade herself
Away from lust of men
Uncounted are they
Who puts on deceit
As regalia of truth
Leaving all glimpse
That could hold open
But at wake of new day
Love from the buds
Grows to petals of
Roses that she loves
Flowers with savours

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

On Love

If this heart breaks tonight 

I will pull it off thy roots
This flesh has kept me wounded
Many times it tells me lies
Flesh of my being
On love we lust
On love we kills
On love we live
On love we love

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Monday 13 July 2020

Sons of the slave masters


At what age should you be freed 

With every birth they are seen 

Running after their enslavers 

In pains they begot them sons 

As slave they sold their mothers 

And in every birth history is lost 

How long should they enslaves you

Sons of the slave masters 

At what day is it written freed 

That you have received freedom 

Not from men of this world 

Somewhat Supreme set free 

Mental illness of slavery is dead 

Worse than the lost history 

At every beat tradition is mired

Name me my ancestors and 

Preserve their history in me 

Sons of the slave masters 

Is the golden chains treasures 

That chain with an inscription 

Hung around your necks as 

Slaves of the men across the sea 

There silence is enforced in you 

With your chains you must sing 

Your gods songs as mockery tones 

One leg up and down the miles 

Sons of the slave masters 

At what moments are you to be halt 

Trading a thousands of miles away 

From home comfort lacks not 

What is in you that can't be harness 

You run away to return in the evening 

With chains in everything thing you do

Love not your chains as freedom looms 

Shake it off thy neck and be freed again

Sons born in slavery that seeks freedom 

Speak up and stand for your right as humans 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 12 July 2020

Great Men Of Valour

Great Men Of Valour

Awaken this morning
Your thought struck me within
A brother in the battle field
A compatriot less valued
A battle of no returns you fights
You are not forgotten my hero
Your greatness is seen each day
Great men of valour

My peace keeps you awaken
From the sweetness of the night
There in the middle of the forest
You live like the beast of the jungle
Forgotten your abodes far from home
Journeyed into the shadowless deserts
Finding peace not only hopeful of it
Great men of valour

You die for the peace of the nation
You surrender to the call up for war
The battle lines you drawn not either
Daily you willed up to defend your own
For the love you have to a nation
You abandon your home and loved the forest
Great men of valour

You are not forgotten by any of us
Leaders of the nation you stood by
Everyone has forgotten your usefulness
Everyone seeks for their people
You are not a people to them now
You fight and find solace in the field
A battle you never knew about
Great men of valour

At every sound in the forest
You pay attention to hear from
Not to be counted amongst the fallen
Daily there is a crime committed against you
You're yet to be set free from their nets
The heads that never fits the crown
Too tender to attain the right to live
Great men of valour

Your heavenly abode awaits you
Though you die today in the field
Never be remembered by your own
Let it be known to you that you lived
And you defended the way you know best
Refused to die as a coward but a hero
Amongst men you are
Great men of valour

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 12 July 2020

Launched in the deep

Launched in the deep

Launched in the deep
A vision of the lad cries
On the shore with tears
He stood gazing at the sea
There arose a monster
Seeking to devour all
His dreams alive and sick

Launched in the deep
The lad cries of a vision
Not achieved by the wake
Of a new world he awaits
Circle with numbers
Daily declared in fears
Promises made in doubt

Launched in the deep
The lad cries of a quest
Unfulfilled at the number
Four waits for five to come
Hopes not failed at last
He stood watching
When he is to be called back

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 12 July 2020

Freedom In View

Let's come together 

In one voice as a people 

And never a nation and race 

And sing the songs of 

Freedom from all of us 

The vice that had caged us 

Against the brotherly love

Uhuru freedom at last sing 

Let us sing it out loud 

As it is from the heart 

Forgetting the fears of death 

That not all had believed 

That freedom is for all people 

Songs of the freed souls 

Rejoicing at every beat 

That our hearts can hold 

Freedom calls with her 

Unusual voice it echoes 

I have seen her once in a time

White and sparkling it rayed 

Emancipation from this hood 

Call it a people and not a nation 

Race is death and humanity is life 

Sing it loud and make it known 

Uhuru freedom at last we sing 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 28 June 2020

Write Me A Poem

Write me a poem 

Voice from the phone
She tickled and said
I don't have a heart
For poetry is death
I die in the heart of
Others and live less
I am loving you right now
This is my poems
For you my jc 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 28 June 2020

I Have Found You Here

To you my unborn child 
Tears rolled down this eyes again 
I am heavy heart for your coming 
15 years ago I was in the middle of the city 
City of many wanton lifestyle in the street 
Hoping to be a good father to you my child 
But your reality now is taking me to sorrow 

To you my unborn queen 
I had wished to buy you a diamond crown 
Build you safe haven for the wanton men are many 
The race where you dwells lives in fear nowadays 
But seeing your diamond crown they would know that you are a Queen 
They would live to protect you from the insane 

To you my unborn king 
I had wished to buy you a golden ring 
The one worn by a king in the old kingdom 
Teach you a way to tell tales and fight for your love 
Like the knight's of King Arthur and the young magician 
You are to win every heart even in battles and wisdom

I saw a mother with her new born child 
Walking in the streets of my habitation 
She looked so sparkling in her coat of many colours 
She told me about her joy and the sorrow of her son 
I looked at her countenance and she took me to her abode and told me of her tales 

The husband had left her in the wake of a new day 
I could not see it anytime soon as I had thought 
Tears fell off the eyes and he held my hands so tight 
Promising to be strong and care after our child 
That he could not father the lad as he had thought 
Race he wishes not to bring into being to tell his like tales 

He left the city and ran into the thin air of no hopes 
Now his child is here and he knows not of what becomes of him that is born unto him faraway 
The unfavourable stories of single mothers she said
Every day I dreamt of our lives together and the words spoken as promises 
I am sorrow for he knows not what I wanted him for 
Daily my child grows calling a father he knows not 


John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 28 June 2020

Her Request

Take me to heaven bay 

I am missing my origin

She speaks in undertones 

Make me a bed with roses 

I once had existed in frost 

Gentle and tender is love 

I am coming alive again 

The orient winds had arose 

Whispering from the distance 

Searching for a heart to engulfed 

Love me like the desert fire 

It burns in all directions 

Such is my love with you 

You're yet re-awakened 

Let's make our beds in ice 

Cold our abode to dwell on 


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