Seyi Ojenike

Biography: Abdul Quadr Oluwaseyifunmi Ojenike, a Nigerian poet and playwright known by his pen name Seyi Ojenike, is a passionate wordsmith with a talent for poetry. Inspired during a summer school program in Festac Town, his love for writing was nurtured by his teacher's encouragement. Graduating secondary school as the top student in multiple subjects, Seyi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Security Studies after briefly studying law. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language, Seyi draws inspiration from literary giants like Wole Soyinka and Niyi Osundare. With a burning desire to contribute to the literary landscape, Seyi aspires to earn a PhD in English Literature and be opportune to contribute to academia by teaching in the English Department of one of Nigeria's prestigious universities.

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Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Suffering and Smiling

On the soil where resilience abounds,
Nigerians tread on hallowed ground,
Amidst trials that never seem to cease,
They find solace in smiles, a cloak of peace.
Through the chaos and economic strain,
They bear burdens that others may disdain,
Yet laughter echoes through the air,
A testament to strength they proudly wear.
With ingenuity, they craft their way,
In the face of challenges that hold no sway,
Suffering and smiling, a paradox so true,
Nigerians find hope, their spirit shines through.
In the face of struggle, they stand tall,
United by a spirit that will never fall,
For their laughter is a shield they wield,
Defying the hardships that lay concealed.
Oh, Nigerians, resolute and bold,
In your vibrant smiles, stories unfold,
Through adversity, your spirit remains,
A testament to the resilience that sustains.
So let the world witness their unique art,
As they navigate life with a resilient heart,
Nigerians: suffering and smiling, hand in hand,
An indomitable spirit that will forever stand.


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