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Ademidun Ajiwe
Thursday 2 July 2020

Letter To The HEART

Dear heart, why beat for one who feels you not?
You crave dearly for that which seems nut
Day and night you become unrest for that who gives no fuck
You leave behind the heart that cherishes you so duck

Dear heart, why run so fast after that which doesn't wanna be hunted?
You left the craving heart lonely and feel unwanted?
You go berserk and cannot be stopped
You pound so hard against your abode

Dear heart, why give satisfaction to mock?
I mean, why in an unwanted place stuck?
Why all of a sudden when you were meant to move, get stuck?

Listen, dear heart, perhaps you let go
So you can feel love and peace though
So you won't feel so low
Not saying you later became stone
But you be wary and get a hold

You own not the beholder
You could feel loved yet be a stranger
The aura is just so sweet, I mean sad I know
Then you should know to say No
This is a Letter To The HEART


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