King Akpa

Biography: Mr. King Akpa is from the South South region of Nigeria, a husband of one wife and father of two beautiful daughters. He is a writer and a poet, who has written many poems. He is a great teacher and an executive in one of the corporate organizations in the country.

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King Akpa
Sunday 5 May 2024


Africa my beloved mother land

The beginning of civilization and prosperity

Suddenly plunged into deprivation and poverty


Africa my beloved mother land

A continent of beauty and uniqueness                   

Gradually becoming a land of war and nothingness


Africa my beloved motherland

The land of peace and tranquility

Eventually becoming the center of disunity


Africa my beloved motherland

Where herbs and nature were at their best

Finally forgotten for what do not give us true rest


Oh my beloved Africa of yester years come again

For us to behold and uphold what we once attained

The pleasure and joy that you once gave

Is what we all now crave


Africa my beloved motherland, I can’t do without you

Neither can I flee away and abandon you

I will stay and do my utmost best

To ensure you rise to become the best


I enjoined all to rise up and return home

For this task is beyond a soul alone

We must as one rise from the doldrums of neglect

To once again restore what the world couldn’t neglect


We have the power and imagination to think it

We have the talent and the strength to make it

We must never and never doubt it

For if we can conceive it we can achieve it



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