Sunday 3 September 2023

Deep Reminisce

It's cloudy here.

Like a stormy sea, with wind howling and waves surfing on the surface.

I see minds blinded by evolution.

Weight on shoulders, depression from screams,

Eyes, falling diamonds

People trapped like fluid in a container with swollen stomachs.


Take me back to those days when life was like a garden with sunshine.

When our frame of mind wasn't lost, and we never had to compare ourselves to everyone on the internet who appeared to be over the moon.

When women didn't have to dwell on make-up or run naked on the street, all because of beauty.


Those times, we would climb the roof and occasionally fall like a thousand bricks.

But we would learn to take off passionately, like a rocket ship, rather than wail. 

Then, human minds weren't so degraded by just making money and gaining recognition.

We acquired skills.

Made a rainbow after a storm and focused on still water.

We had giant boxes with real music, and our lives were black and white, which was powerful.

But color appeared in technological flames that enchanted the eyes.


Yes! Life has improved with computers in our hands, but beneath these benefits lies another side of the story. 

Our joy eludes our world because of avarice, while we bathe ourselves in insomnia and addiction that are nugatory. 

Vampires attacked mockingbirds from the sky for moving dirt.

Earthly entities take things for granted.

like broken balloons to fine wine 

Now, youths look down their noses and sow their wild oats due to our little foxes and darkness.

Our social interactions are like hitting the hay daily with no utterance.

Yep, even the smallest prefers punching an iPad to pouring hearts on the dining table.

Reminisce deeply.


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