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Benedict Omenogor
Monday 20 September 2021


We crossed paths

And our love story began 

I was your fragrance

You were my air;

A blend of excellence, 

The talk of compliments 

Like the love of fishes for water

We can't do without each other,

Our love was our habitat, to survive 

And thrive

Everyday was like honeymoon

And It was like there's no tommorow,

But If I say I'm still happy in this union

Then I'm telling a big fat lie;

For a truth concealed 

Hurts more than a truth unleashed


The things I didn't see in our courtship,

Now plays before my very eyes...

And I watch, as circumstances opens 

The pages of unseen behaviors

To everyone, my marriage is fantastic! 

And they wish they're in my shoes,

But I hide the truth with a smile

And behind my eyes is a waterfall 

Sometimes I wonder, 

If you're the darling I married, or a clone

Cos it's difficult to believe 

And it's obvious I've lost 

The one I fell in love with 

The knot has been tied,

And the covenant has been made...

We got our admission and same day

We're given a certificate, 

When yet, we've written no exams

We're both in this school, called marriage

And sadly, you're learning, 

Yet unchanging and still failing

I'm human, and I'm hurt

But my greatest hurt 

Is your unwillingness to change,

Rid me of this pain 

And so I can be happy again

The best marriage I've ever known 

And we ever know 

Is one,

Where couples learn from each other 

And effect a change;

A marriage were couples emerge,

A better version of themselves...


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