Emmanuel Okpetu

Biography: Emmanuel Iroboudu Okpetu is a Nigerian public health physician who is trying to be a poet too. He hopes to contribute to discussions that will bring about equity, fairness and mutual respect for all individuals and communities

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Emmanuel Okpetu
Sunday 31 January 2021

Executhieves, Sinators and Authorithieves

The executive Minister

Directing loyal workforce to administer

Aiding and abetting to acquire

Illicit wealth to which they retire

Stockpiling more for the nuclear unborn

While the living die of deprivation

As they executively loot the common wealth

With a sense of entitlement

The judge that cannot be judged

While society relies on thy purge

Justice is served to those who worship at thy lodge

Our respected village chief

Just gave a high ranking village tittle 

To that well known international thief

After a share not so little

The distinguished  senator

The symbol of authority a mace

But by conduct a disgrace

Condemning citizens to a rat race 

The reverend pastor

Holds on to his cross

The congregants follow without force

Because of the Imam

Many faithful are calm

offerings, tithes and zakats paid to a purse

Under a moral compass that is a farce

Behold  dear citizens

The executhieves, sinators and  Authorithieves


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