Seyi Ojenike

Biography: Abdul Quadr Oluwaseyifunmi Ojenike, a Nigerian poet and playwright known by his pen name Seyi Ojenike, is a passionate wordsmith with a talent for poetry. Inspired during a summer school program in Festac Town, his love for writing was nurtured by his teacher's encouragement. Graduating secondary school as the top student in multiple subjects, Seyi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Security Studies after briefly studying law. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language, Seyi draws inspiration from literary giants like Wole Soyinka and Niyi Osundare. With a burning desire to contribute to the literary landscape, Seyi aspires to earn a PhD in English Literature and be opportune to contribute to academia by teaching in the English Department of one of Nigeria's prestigious universities.

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Seyi Ojenike
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Lost Rhythms

In the echoes of forgotten tales,
Africans dance to foreign beats,
Their feet entangled in alien steps,
Their souls swaying to borrowed tunes.
They forsake their own melodies,
Assembled over centuries of existence,
Trading vibrant rhythms for hollow echoes,
Blinded by the allure of distant shores.
Colonial whispers still linger,
Breeding insecurity, sowing doubt,
Their cultural fabric worn thin,
In pursuit of acceptance, they discard their roots.
The richness of ancestral wisdom,
Fades in the shadow of borrowed customs,
Their minds colonized, their spirits suppressed,
In a relentless pursuit of assimilation.
Oh, Africa! Awaken from this slumber,
Embrace the heartbeat of your own drum,
Rekindle the flames of ancient fires,
And let your voices rise in unison.
For the strength lies in your diversity,
In the tapestry woven by countless tribes,
Unfurl the banner of cultural pride,
And reclaim the essence that is truly yours.
Let the rhythms of the Motherland resound,
From the savannas to the bustling cities,
For it is in embracing our own unique cadence,
That Africa will find its voice once more.


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