Matthias Pantaleon

Biography: Playwright | Poet | Lyricist | Hymnist | Stage Director| Art Connoisseur | Entrepreneur

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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

The Sonnet

Dear brother, sister, can you see the light

Or is it only darkness you can view

A wretched ship that sails into the night

With only ghosts aboard to serve as crew

Each time you wish me ill or show your hate

Ill love you more by gift of Gods own grace

And gain the riches born of futures fate

While you will simply add to your disgrace

My mind will flourish like abiding sea

While yours will darken like the deepest night

For I will find the fortune meant for me

While hatred keeps you from enduring light

The seeds you sow have prices that are steep

When rotten fruit is all that you will reap


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