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Salim Yakubu Akko
Thursday 13 January 2022


On my face

There is a smile

That rivals

The content of my heart

In my eyes

You will never see pain

But there is a rain

Of tears in them

I walk 

Eating fruits

While my legs hold nothing

But a body full of sorrow

We met

Befriended each other

Like moon 

And the twinkling stars

But today

A line of dichotomy

Has been drawn in between us

Drawn by you

I know

If one would dig 

Deeper in my heart

Would see nothing

I know

If one would fly

Above the blue skies

Would see nothing

What I know

Like a filtered liquid

Only your love would be seen

In the stream of my heart

I did nothing 

But you burnt the bridge 

Of our love

To the ground 

Here I am, today


Stained with pain

Not knowing the bane

Salim Yakubu Akko


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