Matthias Pantaleon

Biography: Playwright | Poet | Lyricist | Hymnist | Stage Director| Art Connoisseur | Entrepreneur

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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020


We inspire peace when the world looks

In the way of chaos, dogs and baboons

Soak in blood

We are who bathe us in warm acceptance

Massaging steel egos with sheer humility

We are the stories on the pages of history

Building bridges with stakes of love

Infectious smiles, lungs full of laughter 

And undiluted happiness in the face 

of life's adversity

We are our own version of heroine

A story told and retold in hope of raising

Sheroes and defenders of peace

A woman's strength outmatches tyranny

Her voice echoes through the walls of time

We are even among equals


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