Benita Okoruen

Biography: Benita Okoruen is a young Nigerian literary writer and a poet. She is an indigene of Akwa Ibom State. She is currently pushing through at the University of Uyo, where she hopes to obtain her first degree in Education and English Language.

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Benita Okoruen
Saturday 11 March 2023


Stripped off naked,
She walked past
Through the weary path
She knew not where she went

Birds chirping and hovering,
The sorrowing songs from the crickets. Trespass her humble mind
Leaving her with no choice than to sob

With her bare feet, 
She tries to pamper the noisy rustle
From the dried leaves
Which in turn makes a jest of her

Her shadow,
Makes a Foss of her
Not being tender at all
Forming disfigured figures around her

Her pale body,
Bearing the benevolence
Of a rumbling and grumpy stomach,
The worms and intestines entangle

Deficiency she wears,
Her hair all scattered
Like that of an impotent rat
Lingeringly looking low

Patched with pains,
She looked above. Seeing further,
She reached for what she saw.
There was a rotten apple
As if the raven had witty pity on her

Alas she found peace,
When she hopelessly
Laid her heavy head
Amongst the pine
And distressed in the pool
Of her bleeding juice


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