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Juwon Onifade
Monday 11 July 2022

Political Promises(Believe)


We had beliefs 

One that wouldn't let us thumb our print

It was a part of us

Then they came 

With their tales 

"If we believe we would receive"

"If they retrieved we would receive"


So we believed

We shut off beliefs 


We thumbed them into position 

Now carrying a different belief 

One that came with believe 

In believe that we'd receive

In believe of a better living condition 


And when they did retrieve power

It occured to us 

It was all deceit 


Our fault that we believed? 


We were promised a better life

The thought of it was one that relieved 


Then we felt defeat 

From our past belief

We failed to believe our belief 

We went from the top to being beneath 


Then we did believe 

That our belief only we could believe 


So we told believe 

"You can go beneath"



Because now 

We do believe in our own belief


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