Timilehin Adewinmisi

Biography: Adewinmisi Oluwatimilehin Samuel as Nigerian poet, playwright, dramatist, songwriter and art educator.He's passion for poetry has bought him recognition for his outstanding performance in poetry in Africa continent.He's a secondary school teacher, unveiling the works of Cultural and Creative Arts.

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Timilehin Adewinmisi
Sunday 16 October 2022

Goddess Of Beauty

The moon is fair this days,

the sun brighten up my day.


For your sake I got lost on frame,

thy beauty speak more than I could say,


Your mom say we shouldn't met again!

haven't you cause an heartbreak!


While the world back the stage...

what wickedness 've I left in their face?


Tell this goddess I came to stay,

do I need to dance pass shrine today!


Tell this goddess I came with ring,

in case her mother ask me drop a kiss.


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