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Biography: A writer, artist and poet. Philosophical. "I love my world: Pen and Paper."

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Benedict Ugor
Friday 17 March 2023

Who is wrong?

Those who write condemning human killings of animals

Should also write against animal killings of animals

And of animal killings of humans

And finally, of human killings of humans.


Firstly and justly, give all animals equal rights; wild and domestic alike.

Whether Insect or reptile;

                 Beast or pet;

                 Rodent or bird.


I know that humans kill a million chickens at Christmas,

But I know about the blood sucking demon - little Mosquito.

Just yesterday, I watched in horror a lion devour a pretty Lamb!


But of human killings of humans, I'll save my breath;

Those are constructively destructive

And are more wild than the wild!


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