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Biography: I'm the neurosurgeon that heals with the ink. @Luckscribe

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Goodluck Ogbewu
Saturday 9 September 2023


In the depths of despair, my heart does weep,
A shattered soul, haunted by memories I keep.
Forlorn and broken, love's fragile dream,
Torn apart, shattered and unseen.
Once a flame burned brightly, love's sweet embrace,
Now darkness surrounds, leaving but a trace.
Gone is the laughter, the warmth we once knew,
Replaced by silence, aching and blue.
Each breath aches with the weight of sorrow,
As I wander through time, hoping for tomorrow.
The pain is deep, a wound that won't mend,
A heart broken, beyond any chance to amend.
In this world of lost love, I am but a ghost,
Wandering through days, longing for what's lost.
Oh, how I wish for peace, for a healing embrace,
To mend the pieces of this shattered heart's case.
But for now, I mourn, in sorrow profound,
A heart broken lover, lost and unfound.
Oh! She belong to somebody now.
Oh! She belong to somebody now


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