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Monday 11 April 2022

Mirror mirror [ll]

Mirror Mirror  

Show me my true self !

Or am I entitled to this life how else can I lead, if I can't move from my position... I stare at my reflection and all I see are the brokenness I feel, still trying to break free from my tormentors every race I run I end up at a particular spot, not knowing if i would have another opportunity, I never choose this life, I found myself here and I am struggling to run from it... When i stare at my reflection I see no tomorrow, because darkness covers the path and tomorrow is uncertain ! When I stare at my reflection all I hear are screams from my past holding me back... Unsure of who I want to be I can't really say because impossible has become a new anthem. Holding a flag stained and soaked I fall down on my knees in the pains of the aftermath, all I see is the impending doom coming closer... I am still confined and can't move, My voices still yet remain silent because even if I speak no one will hear. I stare at my reflection and realize I am caught up in a dilemma between standing for what I know or giving up and gradually it is draining me because the future I know and I want is being threatened


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