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Biography: A prolific writer and database administrator.

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Bayo Akinnola
Thursday 7 January 2021

DNA TEST (The African way) For Tunde Thomas

Take this child to the roaring river 

Where the deities dance and swim

And throw him down its belly!

If he's our son, 

The Mermaids will make him afloat 

Pour him some fermented _Kain-kain_

A mouthful of our Ancestors' drink

Hold him by his tiny waist 

Throw him to the sky

If he licks and giggles

He's our son!

Take him in

Dip him in sweet smelling talcum

And paint his neck

In the camwood colour!

Pour some water on the corrugated roof

Hold him by the loin,

Raise him to the gods

And let the crystal rays kiss his forehead 

Place him under its rusty feet

If the water makes him cry

He's not our son

Cast him!

Cast the mother out into the cold night!

Let them dance with the nocturnal beasts

If they could tear them to shreds

Let it be

Let the rain fall

On the cocoyam leaves

Let the sun come out dancing

And swallow the morning dews.

(C) Bayo Akinnola


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