Olajuwon Fasuyi

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Olajuwon Fasuyi
Tuesday 12 June 2018


Sometimes within myself
When life frowns
And the heart beats faster
I break in tears,
Tears of silent answers
To the questions,
At the climax of steep hills
Sometimes the
Moon heals,
The scorching sun aches,
Seasons cover our memories
Sometimes life
Becomes a puzzle
But poetry heals my soul

Sometimes we say goodbye
But it hurts within,
We light candles
But stumble into the dark clouds;
The legends learn in tears
The oceans overflow,
Sometimes quiver when dawn sings
We fidget when the night comes,
The famished eye is always red
Put the red eye sometimes berth,
I have pondered
Yet I hear the poetry call;
Giving true solace to my soul.


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