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Biography: A graduate of Mass Communication from Kaduna State University Kaduna Nigeria... From Kaduna State.. Media Personal/Humaniatarian/A writer, poet/Editor....

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Ezra Bature
Tuesday 18 January 2022

Afterlife in Anguished

Morning meditation 

With mission and vision 

To understand nature 

And Nurtured my being,

Morning breeze blew

My mind to surmised 

Darkened, smudged, 

Blurred to the darkness realm,

Merciful Messiah turn merciless..

Cursed the sinful souls..

Deep to the depth of hell, 

Anguished and torment 

gnashing of teeth without tears 

Extreme agony..

Ceaseless clamor..

Solace straggled..

Scorched and sting..

With venom without remedy....



Dead cease to exist...

Soundless but still called....



Messiah is merciless to the sinful soul..

The Pit pitiless, devil's damned...

Suffering without solution 

Unbearable pains without end.. 

Afterlife in anguished....


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