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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Partial Exit

So if my vocal folds can’t collaborate to produce sounds to communicate loudly to your beautiful mind that I have an endless mission of loving you, can’t there be any mere articulation in my vocal tract to do that?

What are my tongue, lips, alveolar ridge, hard palate and velum doing? I never knew that emotions could shut my speech tract

How I wish my speech tract could connect to my heart, so that I can give you a cord of love inserted into my heart, for you to put it into your ears and listen to the words my heart says because I am speechless

had it in my mind to tell you that you are all beautiful, eloquent, and charming When I drew nigh,

I decided to start with the word ‘Gesture’ to show some decorousness But I realized my lungs couldn’t even initiate the airstream for my glottis to either widen or narrow to cause my vocal tract to produce the voiceless and voiced sounds in the two syllable word, let alone the nine,

Should I comply with those who say action speaks louder than words, so that I can gesture for you all to get the feelings better?

I thought I was one who could speak like a parrot, but I am now slides before you like carrots But what could make a spoken word artiste speechless apart from the abnormal?

Tension within me had converted into electrical energy and burnt my speech tract

So what I am going through is beyond dumb From a distance, I was in haste to meet you, but the moment I met with  you all, as though there were a speed rump- I started moving like a tortoise,

I became static- wonder why I am speechless wonder why I am speechless because

 I am this guy who can stand before a lady and produce lyrics, so I wonder why I am speechless

 I could make my group swim deeper in the pool of sweet words, so I wonder why I am speechless

Movement of my negative lips could attract positive ladies, so I wonder why I am speechless

How I wish my vocal folds will touch along their edges from my thyroid and open slightly at my arytenoids to create a creaky sound like ‘huuh’ for you at least get the air of our partial exit , but none is working,

so I wonder why I can’t even stammer My phonetics is not working, let alone deploy my syntax for you to use your morphology in breaking down the words to achieve semantics.

I love you!


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