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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Owen Hamalala
Wednesday 27 December 2023


Oho Love, sweet love, so pure and true, 

You see true love Has a power that can't be subdued,

It can lift you high, make your heart sing, 

But also leave you in dilemma, wondering.

For love can bring joy, but also bring pain, 

And leave you in apredicament, unable to explain, 

It's a feeling so strong, it can't be ignored, 

Yet it's a risk that can leave your heart broken

When two hearts are entwined, it's hard to let go, 

Even when the path ahead is uncertain and unknown,

The fear of loss can cloud the mind, 

And leave you with in dilemma that's hard to unwind.

As you ask yourself to follow your heart, or heed your head, 

And risk losing the love you've always wanted? 

It's a choice that's not easy to make, 

And can leave your heart and soul at stake.

But love, sweet love, is worth the risk, 

For its rewards are great, and its magic brisk. 

So take a chance, follow your heart, 

And let love be your guide, from the very start.

Owen the silent poet


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