Plato Joakim

Biography: My chief goal is to become a very adroit wordsmith someday.

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Plato Joakim
Thursday 5 August 2021

Rainy thoughts.

O gloomy sky,

I hear the roaring thunder in your forlorn abode which jolts

the retired earth,herald the impending arrival of the rain;

Why do your eyes,heavily laden with tears

still stubbornly hold them back from streaming down?

My eager ears desire nothing but to hear

the soft soothing music of the rain pattering 

on the overhead aluminum roof of my room as still 

as the painting of the artist spread out on a canvas,

for my profound poundering over the myriad of events of the stressful day

while sprawled on my bed has made

the path to sleep hard to find.Come rain,

Come and seal my eyes in deep peaceful slumber.




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