Joshua Anayochukwu

Biography: Joshua Anayochukwu is a pensive young poet, who likes to write poems.

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Joshua Anayochukwu
Friday 27 November 2020

Vain Learnings

To go on early,
To come back soon
To go in a hurry,
To hurry back home

The school have never been a place of joy
A place to play nonetheless,
But the learning takes the play away
To meet friends,
To leave them
Learn our history
Though filled with lies
To be educated,
A societal need
To learn things,
Never the things we need to survive,
Make an impact
Great thinkers
With poor minds
Pay to learn,
Learn to earn
A vicious cycle
Learn to be respected,
None for the Teachers
Adore the students,
Loathe the teachers
Expecting changes and improvements,
Not worked for,
The societal order
Rich illiterates
Poor graduates

To go on learning,
To never know
To learn for earnings,
To earn so low


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