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Biography: Joshua Anayochukwu is a pensive young poet, who likes to write poems.

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Joshua Anayochukwu
Monday 12 July 2021

Regrets, Insecurities and Fears II

I'm fond of wanting more,

Never had as much as I'd want

Appreciating the haves gets hard,

Cause they remind me of how much I have not.


Funny how the things they adore, 

Are things I'm afraid to show

And I don't let them get close,

I'm not the guy they think they know


This isn't the world I was built for

All the things I know are wrong 

I care too much, I get hurt

Slowly turning to a Predator


All I've ever had were deserved

Or so it seems,

Cause no one ever loved–

Another, 'cept for selfish reasons


So I get scared when they come close,

With the smiles and compliments

I get scared I'm bout to be used,

And that the compliments were lies


How does one go on living

When life itself,

Is just filled with;

Regrets, Insecurities and Fears

Twitter: @JaushAnay
Instagram: @jaush.anay


Joshua Anayochukwu
Monday 5 April 2021

A Poor Boy's Love

Once I knew a girl so beautiful

But I never told her, I couldn't

I hid the feelings beneath,

She wasn't meant for me

I loved her and I knew,

For she was so pure and true

I tried to kill the Love

It was more than I could afford

I knew she wouldn't love me

A boy's painful reality;

That to love and be loved,

Has to be paid for.



Joshua Anayochukwu
Wednesday 27 January 2021


I was so scared of disappointments

I expect them as I never try

But you turned out different

You allayed my fears, while you held my heart

This Love seldom comes

And when it does, doesn't stay long

I hope ours stays long enough

I pray we don't go wrong

In a time like this, love of this kind is hardly seen

Cause people are selfish and bounded by the art of seducing

So when they say "It'll end in tears", try not to listen

For they are just filled with bitterness, and jealousy

I truly love you, I really do

I'll keep on lovin', as you love me too

This feeling is new but I trust it,

And I entrust it with all within me



Joshua Anayochukwu
Thursday 31 December 2020

Scared To Love

You can't come too close 

I won't let you

So much you shouldn't know

You'll hate me when you do

I hide them from everyone

They bring only shame

I hide them very well

No one knows I have them

I'm sorry love is not my thing

Fear gets the better of me

I know you curious, I can't explain

I ponder, I still don't understand 

You'll find someone better, I know you will

Yet the thought of it, makes me unhappy

That while you're busy loving and being loved

I'll still be here lonely, broken and paranoid


Joshua Anayochukwu
Sunday 13 December 2020

Regrets, Insecurities and Fears

Life was blissful when ignorance prevailed,

Life was blissful when we knew no pain 

Times when moments were worthy,

Times filled with jolly memories

Change came, adolescence and teen,

The mind is active, the world is mean

Racing away from memories once sweet,

Memories now painful and stupid

Hating the change, we wish we could alter

Mistakes done with no knowledge whatsoever

Painful times that haunts us,

Painful times that comes in full force

Factors of our existence brings us so much shame,

Laid the basis, left us the blame

Struggles with life and storms,

Struggles with jealousy for those with all

Hopeful against gloomy expectations,

Faithful against false temptations

Fantasising miles away from reality,

Fantasising cause reality is scary


Joshua Anayochukwu
Wednesday 2 December 2020

The Failed Creation

Out of the dust of the earth,

GOD made man

Set apart from the rest,

Central to HIS imperial plan

In HIS likeness and image

To rule in HIS stead

Filled with life, beyond age

Eternally above death

Man in awe of the wonders, wanders away

Gave all glory to amazing creations, but to the Creator not

Farther and farther, man is led astray

Overwhelmed by nature, dumbstruck and lost

A blessed creation, that the perfect Creator cursed

In charge of everything, yet to receive all

As he yearns for more, he becomes nothing just like the dust

From whence he came, and so shall return.


Joshua Anayochukwu
Friday 27 November 2020

Vain Learnings

To go on early,
To come back soon
To go in a hurry,
To hurry back home

The school have never been a place of joy
A place to play nonetheless,
But the learning takes the play away
To meet friends,
To leave them
Learn our history
Though filled with lies
To be educated,
A societal need
To learn things,
Never the things we need to survive,
Make an impact
Great thinkers
With poor minds
Pay to learn,
Learn to earn
A vicious cycle
Learn to be respected,
None for the Teachers
Adore the students,
Loathe the teachers
Expecting changes and improvements,
Not worked for,
The societal order
Rich illiterates
Poor graduates

To go on learning,
To never know
To learn for earnings,
To earn so low


Joshua Anayochukwu
Friday 27 November 2020

Irony of Life

From those we expect joy, comes pain

Those we fully trust, tends to betray

Those we truly love, filled with hate

Yet we'll have to go on, for we are but the same

To those with nothing, who gives their all

Those whose hearts are gladdened, despite their loss

Those who don't give in to worries, when all seems to go wrong

Belongs the earth, everything and more

Those who are responsible, but never judges the wayward

Those born weak, but encourages others to stay strong

Those hated, but never ceases to show love

Live their lives, proving life to be absurd.

From dark places, comes great light

For as dark thoughts comes from great minds

And as we try to comprehend the universe

But fail, all the same, The Irony of Life.


Joshua Anayochukwu
Saturday 14 November 2020

I Know Of a Place

I Know of a place, where people go to pray

They sing, dance, they listened, they learned

In search for peace, they engage in praise

Worships, Cries, it goes on till the end



I knew this place, I went there

It was filled with people of so many kinds

They waited for blessings, they hoped it was near

Miracles, testimonies, wonders and signs



I have known this place, for quite some time

Its songs, teachings, Its hymns, its laws

So did the people, who also gave their life

Their Service, tithes, their offerings, their all



I thought I knew this place, but I'm not so sure

The preachings, practices, many things feels wrong

The people with nothing, gave all, still poor

Gave to the pastors, priests, the Church, the Lord.



I don't know this place, not anymore

The teachings, laws, the people, the priests

Changed from everything they were before

Lost the grace, faith, the joy, the peace.


Joshua Anayochukwu
Friday 30 October 2020

A Beautiful Suicide

A broad smile

To hide the pains

Dying inside

Afraid of the shame

I probably don't know why

I know they don't care

I know they won't help

The pains

The troubles

They're were not mine

But mine to keep

At least for the meantime

Betrayed trust

Broken will

An Aquarius

Worried and Overthinking

The Blessing, a curse

I'll go through or not

But on my own

I'll solve these problems

Proper and alone

I might not succeed

Perhaps die

It'll be worth it

A Beautiful Suicide.


Joshua Anayochukwu
Thursday 29 October 2020

Unhappy Me

You're always wrong at first

You're wrong and it's easy

To be right is learned

To stay right is slippery

My choices are wrong, mistakes are bound

So I follow the rules, the laws and make sure to be precise

I'm only comfortable when I'm the only one around

Cause I tried with people and I always ended up criticised

I learned to hide the real me,

And play the me they want to see

Sometimes I feel like I'm pretending

A hypocrite, my actions I regret

A different me for everybody

A different me instead

I try to stay happy, but these criticisms get to me

Deep in thoughts I'm drowning, so I try to breathe

But it isn't breathing really

More like inhaling, I'm drowning still

For I can't be me, 

Till I am the me I want to be


Joshua Anayochukwu
Saturday 24 October 2020

Dirty Glasses

Slaves to their passions

Make Promises of Freedom

They fail to see their slavery

But claim to understand liberty

Blind leaders

With superb visions

Blind Masses

In-belief of illusions

We follow the leader

Who follows his desires

Leaders living their dreams

Masses in nightmares

At the weakest point 

We turn to Faith

Religion might have the answers

We pray for change 

But prayer is not enough

Redemption comes with a price

Fastings and offerings

Sacrifices and tithes

Hopeless people

With Blurry Futures

Failed Leaders

With Looted Treasures


Joshua Anayochukwu
Tuesday 20 October 2020


Curiosity killed the cat

The cat with nine lives

Swift and smart

Died nine times

Knowledge is a burden

Comes with much troubles

Same does understanding

Unfamiliar and uncomfortable

Wayward need for knowledge 

Takes away the world known

Keeps the victim bondage

In the world of his own

Knowledge is found with the curious ones

Dedicated to understanding of uncertainties

Ignorance comes with happiness

Guaranteed cause ignorance is bliss


Joshua Anayochukwu
Tuesday 20 October 2020

Top of the Ladder

At the top of the ladder lies success,

The success many failed to reach

There you can feel the beauty of the skies,

There where the cloud shines

At the top of the ladder, there is loneliness

None stays long

You should learn to be on your own,

Cause there you'll end up alone

To get to the top, requires steady progress

Made with one step each

Keep climbing with the pain,

Keep climbing with the wind and rain

To get to the top, requires a lot of sacrifice

You need to stay strong

You will climb away from mankind,

You will climb leaving your shoes behind.


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