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Friday 2 October 2020


October 1st 60 years ago,
happiness,joy, excitement,ecstasy was too much of an understatement
Sounds of drums echoed through out and beyond the borders of our Nation
screams of jubilations and jumps of triumph at the sight of freedom
explosions of joy at the grip of liberation
The confidence in the voices of the men as the shouted with one voice- Freedom at last
The changes in the dance steps of the women
The exhilaration in the hearts of youths with visions for an even greater Nigeria
And the smiles on the faces of the children as they whispered to each other- it's a new dawn

But now that joy is perishing in our generation
That vision dying in the hearts of our youths
That hope suffocating in the hands of incompetent leaders
weared out by the tubulations in the economy
And washed away by rains of war, terrorism, hate and strive
only flickers of hope are seen
only shadows of joy remains
That joy reflects on the smiles of our grandparents as they tell us the stories, that smile only signifies that we are yet to be where we dreamt of being

The euphoria of liberation must be regained in our generation
The visions of a great nation must be lit once again in the hearts of our youths
And the dreams of a better Nigeria turned into a reality, on behalf of our fathers and for our children
Let us fuffil the promises we make to our nation everyday
Let our leaders be faithful loyal and honest indeed
Let us all defend the unity of our God given Nation

In all odds I hope and I believe you do too
In the midst of no gleam I see, and I have faith that you see as well
A nation which thrives on the foundation of Love- God's kind of Love
A nation where her people's common goal is peace and progress
A nation where the leaders desire to leave legacies
A nation where knowledge which gives rise to inventions and discovery is sought for, rewarded and celebrated
A nation where her youths are given to learning and true wisdom
A nation where there is dignity in labour
A nation where there is a sustainable development
A nation where common wealth is truly ours
A nation great and capable

Happy Independence Nigeria our Fathers Land
Our Heritage
The Heritage of our children
Our future
We love you, we pray for you, we believe in you.

Princess Anosike


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