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Harvester Zachariah
Friday 17 May 2024


The image is rectangular in shape,

It is decorated, painted with rainbow colour, 

With a diamond ring at its top,

It is posted at the front of houses,

In every single street,

It look pretty to everyone who sees it,

Men have become attracted to it,

they have admired it as their inspiration,

The beauty of the image is good looking,

It ring bell to everyone who pass by,

No one looks at it once and go away,

But continuously, in a moment,

It shines like the star on the sky,

It brings light like the moon 

It is precious than silver and bronze,

Even gold is the best of all,

It worth more than zillion of pounds

No one knows who posted the image,

It has added beauty to the houses and streets,

The picture of queen is the image,

A queen of royal beauty in terms of dressing,

She died in the twelve century,

A treasure in the hands of a great man,

Blooming like the daylight sun.


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