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Saturday 19 June 2021

The Ancient Dance

The Ancient Dance

It is the song of old 

my mama taught me 

I put on the dancing 

Shoes to take the steps

The Zaar people call


I love the dance 

The ancient dance

Which my great grand

finds joy in expression;

I find the pleasure to take

The steps but seen only 

during the festive period

Waktary and Lem Zaar.

I try to take the step, but

One thing I lack is the skills

To take the ancient dance

For my courage has been stolen

By an old Barrack Boy experience,

With all the experience of old

I applaud the courage of Mama

to have brought me up to know

that I'm Zaar by dialect, seeing the 

Beauty of Pusji and Ghil my land.

Every time I step on the soil

I feel to take steps of the ancient

Dance nya-gungsu; seeing the 

Sculpture of the iconic Hero

Baba Gonto I smile and throw away

My sorrows into the hand of the sea.

You can't imaging what this

feelings is all about; only my 

Heart feel that joyful moment,

this please me a lot to take

The ancient dance, my culture 

My pride, this I'll not let go; for

Nothing is to compare to this feelings.


A poem for love 

Of My Culture


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