Seyi Ojenike

Biography: Abdul Quadr Oluwaseyifunmi Ojenike, a Nigerian poet and playwright known by his pen name Seyi Ojenike, is a passionate wordsmith with a talent for poetry. Inspired during a summer school program in Festac Town, his love for writing was nurtured by his teacher's encouragement. Graduating secondary school as the top student in multiple subjects, Seyi pursued a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Security Studies after briefly studying law. Currently pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in English Language, Seyi draws inspiration from literary giants like Wole Soyinka and Niyi Osundare. With a burning desire to contribute to the literary landscape, Seyi aspires to earn a PhD in English Literature and be opportune to contribute to academia by teaching in the English Department of one of Nigeria's prestigious universities.

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Seyi Ojenike
Saturday 3 June 2023

To Kill a Roach

In the shadows of the fading light,

In the dead of night, a threat appears.

With its wings spread, it takes flight,

As a sense of fear develops, my heart races.

A fluttering roach, the offspring of terror,

Invaded my peace by grabbing my focus to itself.

I hold onto my broom with shaking hands.

ready to confront imminent disaster.

My heart beats like an agitated drum from inside me,

Rapidly and fearfully.

As I move cautiously closer,

Every thump echoes with a sense of dread.

I battle against fright with every swat

And frantic swing of my shivering body.

To release myself from this threat,

I made a passionate plea in the form of a primitive dance.

The zigzag flight of that disgusting bug,

Even so, is a frantic joke.

My heart races as a result of my fear

It is so close as I chase it, my pulse racing.

After the final blow, which landed with a loud thud,

I overcame my dread of this foul thing.

Yet, my heart continues to race.

A proof of the horror that was real.

In spite of my doubt,

There was a sigh of relief and a win thereafter.

The roach is no longer there,

But its memory is

The sound of fear's refrains

Is indelibly etched in my heart.

To kill a roach, a battle fought,

A melody of beating hearts and unexpected horror.

My strength was put to the test in this conquest,

My heart stopped as I tried to confront the dread.


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