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Emmanuel Ayinoko
Wednesday 9 November 2022

Jungle justice

On his heels with the world after him


the world was never in anyway to him nice

but he has to pay the price


but is life worth the price

what would be his gain if everything is vain


famished but, really wants to be filled

in a while he is set to be ringed about by both men and women, young and old.


this circle was bigger than his mothers cooking pot,

he is set naked and then thrown down at a spot,


the young, the old and infants, were all given a chance to spit on him,

he is then charged with purloining and rustling


And to be tried by the jungle court

he stole my bread, he stole my pot of stew,


each person kept pointing fingers at him

but all he kept on pleading was for a second chance


he said what he did was spontaenous

he is accused of every theft in the community,


even people he never knew accused him, though guilty to some accusations

but what would be the outcome of this meeting


his soul could no longer bear the pain


he is then sentenced to death, soaked in oil, and a tyre, around his neck,

tears streamed down freely, nonstop


his soul could no longer bear the pain, and then fled away leaving the flesh

to a place nobody knows


and that was the end of the life of an ordinary child who stole a bread to quench his hunger

was mobbing going to quench the peoples anger?


what is worth a soul, a bread or two?


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