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Chichebem Ugwu
Friday 6 July 2018

….. Not like this

I felt love once, but not like this

I’ve had a kiss, but not like this

I’ve wanted one, but not like this

I’ve ne’er been love consumed like this


I ne’er fell down low for a miss

Though she give me an angel’s kiss

I’ve never known someone I miss

Like you, your love, and all of this


I’neer fell deep in love like this

Staking my time, for this fair miss

No one else makes me think amiss

No other presence brings such bliss


I thought I dreamt but though amiss

I ran to catch a hug but missed

I cursed the thought whatever it is

For such torture of dreams like this


I hear your name, and then I miss

I miss a heartbeat all to bliss

Take my heart, angel, bring me peace

I need no other lover please


I grew so nice because of this

though still I can’t tell what it is

be it whatever I love this

don’t let go of me Mona lis’



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