Omotayo Fatunbi

Biography: I am just a lover of nature, art, a scavenger roaming the earth in search of good painting, sculpture, music, movie, poetry; and I try as much as possible to add mine for others like me to pick up. Life is too short to achieve all my big heart wishes to, but I just want to make my little contribution before death claims me.

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Omotayo Fatunbi
Wednesday 22 February 2023

Before the Reaper Come

Before the heart stops

Before the sound of the hearse fill up the street

Before the pallbearers’ display

Before the grave

Before the dust

Dust to dust

Ashes to ashes

Before the tears

Before the mourning

Before the condolences

Fake and genuine

Before the tribute

Before the end

Let this star shine


Shine bright!!



Before the reaper comes.

© Omotayo Fatunbi 


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