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Friday 14 February 2020

Depression- A struggle

Storm clouds, rainy skies
The dawn of a new day.
Heavy heart, weary sigh
The struggle continues again.

I try to get out bed,
but the ropes of despondency
are holding me down,
crushing, tugging, pulling,
in a bid to drown me in the waves of

I cry out,
I scream and shout,
But my voice is nothing but a silent echo.

Then suddenly a wave of strength,
washes over me,
empowering me,
so I prevail over the darkness once more.

As the sun rises at dawn,
Its a brand new day,
The cycle begins again.


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Feyikemi Olajide

Feyikemi Olajide
1/21/2021 3:49:46 PM

Light and beautiful is all they see
But that is not all there is to it
If only they could look close enough......

Alexander Adewole

Alexander Adewole
11/16/2020 5:03:19 AM

The agony of losing you
Is like a broken china unfettered hopes
That sparked neons to my buds.

Collins Aiterebhe

Collins Aiterebhe
10/20/2020 12:33:12 AM


Slowly you begin to sprang
Like a woman yielding to her man
Your beauty is a bang!

             - poems of Collins Aiterebhe

TobI Omojola

TobI Omojola
10/18/2020 6:57:08 AM

Oh I love this life
Sorrowful harsh heartbreaking laziness all sort of
All and love it gives.