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Biography: A poet who crafts out the art from anything although he is a science student 😃

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Japheth Obasi
Tuesday 19 January 2021

As A Country Soweth. . .

Let the elders frown not

For it has to be so.

If the gods are silent trouble

Them not with sacrifices of this

"gods forsaken land."

Men of mud house beat 

The wailing women and smack our

Sickly children. Scold them to not

Anymore lament and sorrow of the

Cautions of the past day.

This is our land - always and forever,

Our home grown calamity, our

Turbulence out of stubbornness,

Our choice portion of the table.

This is the finger we all

Pointed with open eyes and

Sober heart,

And now the same innocent 

Ears we chose to deafen with

Ignorance, pride and lust.

This is the us we let

Ourselves to be.

This is the same white we

Forced in between two greens,

Without a thought of it's


This is the reap of our sow!


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