Grace Adoga

Biography: A very creative youth, zealous student and poet.

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Grace Adoga
Sunday 25 February 2024


N- Now them just dey

W- Wonder ,why

A- all their effort was a

B- banga,    because we had

A- an awesome wonder

L- leading a resilient team

I- in blue and gloves

With prayer and wishes

Our  Nigerian- 

Goalkeeper  for the season.

Cushioned the team...

from the effects of opponent  goals.

By God’s Grace, we made it to the semi-finals.

With players as persevering as Osimhen,

a resilient leader as  ...Ekong   and

a  team I term ‘S   A  L   I   A  N         C  E B O’

The letters beginning all players surnames.

    Beyond the exertion to win the AFCON cup,

I see skills in our country....


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