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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

To The End Of The World

Twenty seven years ago I was a child 
Perhaps I was five, or maybe lesser
And trotting than I should

Being the son of my father was a huge privilege
Long I stood on his wooden chair
Watching strolling clouds up their alley
But for raging storm they brace selves in sheer charm
Though, darker now, still, they stroll
To the end of the world, merging with the earth

I became part of the dark sky 
Perplexed, and pondering 
Just how much rain droplets
Is too much for their dainty grip
Though I had no real answer
One thing was certain, in no certain way
Never to give up till the end comes
Then I climb down, but, never was my head

Upon the sacred altar of this resolution
I sacrificed youth to nourish soul
And someday, we too will come to the
End of the world; merging with the earth
Thus went the strolling cloud
And our fathers too, the crafted 
The legend and the fair minded

I will bake thee but this one song
Hope it find its way home to thee
Soft feel to tend thy knitting curls
No night shall beguiled thee or fair 
On bended knees shall mercy beckon
We are the kindred spirits, we carry
With us, the history of our own kind

To the end of the world
Where we'll merge with the earth 
And the sand of time - dust to dust


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