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Angel Whyte
Monday 12 September 2022

A Greater Nigeria

NIGERIA, the most populous black nation on Earth nicknamed the "Giant of Africa". " Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress" which is our National Motto.

Such accolade given to a Nation who doesn't even deserve the credit. We say unity and faith when we can't unite as one country despite our large number of ethnicity and culture, we say faith when we can't put or trust in Men of honor and respect to lead our country right; because, the so called men of honor has succeed in breaking our faith beyond repair to the extent were we can't trust the best men for the job. So much for being the Giants of Africa.

We are meant to be a country in which others respect and look up to, a country were many desire to go to. But that won't be possible if we can't stand together as one Nation.

The only word of encouragement that we need to hear is " To overlook every of our flaws, and work together to remove ourselves from the claws of distrust and hate, and to learn to trust and love each other wholeheartedly. We must rise as patriots to defend our country against bad government and to work to achieve our National motto which is " Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress" because that's all we need to do to achieve a "Greater Nigeria".

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