Alexander Adewole

Biography: I am a poet of many worths An amorous quest for my heights Of many who care to listen to my thoughts I am a poet of many desires

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Alexander Adewole
Monday 10 June 2019


Your stature duro gidigba
Like the tall Olumo rock
I could hear your roaring thunderous shouts
As you emerge from the dense forest
Of a thousand deamons.
You who pecked the dazed children
As you cluster the straw of men's pride
Then, poignantly revived the barren women
From their long weeping joy
Should we praise you for your deeds
And spread our mats to tread upon?
Should we clap our hands
To show ourselves the true you?
We tried to stow the last pot
To host you when you come again
Akalamagbo ki npodunje laisoro ile.

By Adewole Alexander


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