Olabisi Joshua

Biography: He is a prolific writer who has written numerous stories, dramas and poetries. His works had been longlisted in Libretto Chapbook Series, 2020 poetry prize. He resides in Osogbo, Osun State

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Olabisi Joshua
Tuesday 25 October 2022


We are on the verge of pain

Since we had followed our greed

To the corner of their mouths

Where lies live

With the coloured papers our fathers were sold

To the anthills of the savanna.

Under the sun, we spread their names on the walls

To convince our brothers and sisters

With the sweet words of their mouths.

Under the rain, we danced to their music

When the trumpeters called out our mothers

To the villages’ square

To sweep the market places with their voices and feet.

We are on the verge of pain

When we saw what they bit

Was more than what they could chew

To oil the forests

And grease the walls.

We have gone around the bend

Because they had turned our faces to the night sun.


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