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Olukemi Omoyeni
Wednesday 22 November 2023


Lighter heart fluttering, 

And before the eye blink, 

Then heavier and tighter.

Loud palpitations,

The feeling of wanting,

Like the crowd surfing artiste,

Man believes that's his succour,

This itself is an augury of doom,

An omen of destruction 

A crushed emotion and mental infirmity,

The search of a man should lie within, 

Oh the magnificence of man's internality,

Ray of healing begins from inside

From the strength,

That attends the willingness to heal.

Inside of man lies the biggest succour

Something inside that only shines when its outside,

When the shell is broken and man emerge.

Man is his own biggest medicine, 

The strength to emerge from these crevices,

Of life's turmoil, give, oh he

To whom all beliefs converge.


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