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Biography: Playwright | Poet | Lyricist | Hymnist | Stage Director| Art Connoisseur | Entrepreneur

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Matthias Pantaleon
Saturday 18 April 2020

It Is Futile To Sneer At Alaké

Don't speak ill of morning dew - it will soak you
The railway is mute and narrow but it's ahead of you
Don't hurt a nightingale - night rain will soak you
Miles are long empty roads but they are ahead of you

You may be the captain; still, the yacht is above your head
Look at the flags, and realise they're above your head
It's futile to sneer at Alake*, nature places him above you
Look at the gold crown, and realise that he is above you

It's only natural that the cloud is above your head
Don't talk down on the crown; it's above your head
Look at the mountain and realise that it's above you
Rainwater flows in the gutter, look up, it's above you

You may grow diamonds and harvest same in September
You will never be famous like raindrops in December


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