Uche Ahunanya

Biography: Uche Ahunanya is a Theatre and Film scholar at the University of Port Harcourt. He hails from Ugwunagbo LGA of Abia State, Nigeria. He is a great lover of arts in general.

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Uche Ahunanya
Friday 9 July 2021


I beseech the westward winds

To bear you this message on their wings:

Reminiscence and regret rendezvous in my mind -

Mental visits to those flavoured moments of our love

Our love? 

That luckless child you starved to kwashiorkor

And insisted on its funeral

If you had allowed that bud on board 

Tomorrow would have seen its flowers

With pearly, pretty petals blooming, 

But you fenced your heart with impregnable walls, 

And ruined the melody of our love with awkward staccatos;

Whenever it seemed all was getting well,

Amity unwarrantedly chameleoned into revulsion, 

On today, off tomorrow – distressing uncertainty;

And I, like a poor devotee to an absentee goddess,

Suffocated in the smoke of my rejected burnt offerings

And, finally, you took your leave and left a wound

For no fault of mine, you admitted so

These mornings, I’m too tongue-tied to pray

Because of the mourning that hunts me like a prey

These tears would have long dried 

If I held you in lesser awe; I’ve tried

But nay, 

The feelings have sworn to stay

Our love,

That luckless child you starved to kwashiorkor

And insisted on its funeral 

Has refused to breathe its last

It gropes for your nourishing care 

With an undying hope to live.

©Uche Ahunanya


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